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Moderna Covid-19 Vaccines FAQs

  • Starting April 14th 2021 we will be performing the Moderna Covid - 19 Vaccine.

  • Please download and review the documents links below.

  • Vaccine will be available: Monday - Thursday between 9:00am - 6:00pm only!

  • There is no appointment needed. We are a walk-in clinic so just show up at the appropriate time. Keep in mind we keep our door locked to do covid testing curbside. Please call when you are in the parking lot. 

  • We will only perform a strict 10 vaccinations a day to reduce the chances of wasting any doses due to strict guidelines.

  • No vaccine can be reserved and it is first come first serve.

  • Remember that the Moderna Covid - 19 vaccine is only approved for 18 years and older.

  • If this is your 2nd Moderna vaccine then please bring your CDC vaccination card with you.

  • If we have a few doses left over at 6pm, then we will continue giving the vaccine until the vial is finished.  Therefore 6pm is not a firm time but depends on our left over vaccines.

  • Feel free to call the clinic to see if we still have vaccine doses available for that day.

 Documents Links to Review:

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